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Created in 1995 by Pilar Flynn and David Kalbeitzer, the show has produced over 50 half-hour episodes. This blog supports the Shadows Wiki in documenting the series.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Shadows Manifesto 2004

An essential part of any organization (or any society for that matter) is self-perpetuation. The components of our social structures do all sorts of different things, but in the end, they always have to survive.

Below is a "manifesto" that I printed up and posted around the butv office and in the Shadows cabinet where all the props and tapes were housed (2004-2006).

The goal was to create and strengthen inter-organizational culture, with completing episodes the most important goal. Only with completed product (regardless of quality) could an organization based around a TV show truly survive in the long run.



We are here to:

  1. Complete each episode completely.

  1. Be organized, professional, and prepared.

  1. Leave behind a capable crew to carry on after we’ve graduated.

  1. Make each episode asskickin’ damn good.

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  1. Hey - blast from the past. I worked on Shadows from 1995 till 1998 as chief editor. The show seems to have changed a heck of a lot since than! Does anything from those early days still survive?